Death Under the Dark Arches Out in Paperback!

📣📣 BOOK NEWS!! 📣📣

Very pleased to announce that Stoker & Bash: The Death Under the Dark Arches is now out in paperback worldwide! Looking for something special for the Victorian mystery romance lover on your Christmas list? Send them on an adventure with Hiero and Tim and the team! Amazon link here! (Available through Amazon in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Other countries, should be available through local vendors shortly.)

Both the ebook and print editions are also available to libraries through the usual networks, if you’d care to do an author a solid and request that your local carry the Stoker & Bash Mysteries (which is the easiest way to get stocked in libraries).

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you may have heard, Barnes & Noble is going through some issues and is late for the second time in paying out royalties. Because this now seems to be an ongoing issue, and I’ve been through this before, and also because Nook sales don’t account for even 0.5% of my total sales, I am removing my books from B&N/Nook channels as of Friday, December 16th. So if you’ve been waiting to buy any of my books on Nook, now is the time! If/when B&N do recover, then I will most happily put my books back on sale through that channel. Thanks for your understanding!

Sing a song of sixpence

A stage full of fright

One two-faced blackbird

Won’t last the night

When a phantom presence lures Hieronymus Bash into a deadly game, threatening to kill one of the players at his beloved Gaiety Theater each day until famed actor Horace Beastly returns to the stage, London’s premier consulting detective is on the case. The trouble? Horace Beastly is Hiero’s alter ego and the true object of this murderous obsession. When the current star of the show is struck down, Hiero has to risk everything by stealing back the spotlight. 

After a golden summer together, DI Tim Stoker would do everything in his power to protect the man he loves. But a specter from his own past proves an unexpected, and perhaps fatal, distraction.

Scheming prima donnas, grudge-fuelled critics, and an axe-wielding theater ghost are all out for blood. Will Hiero and Tim unmask this menace before the final curtain call, or are they past the point of no return?

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