Like Stars Print Release Party & Guest Post!


I am so thrilled to be able to announce that my first novel, the historical M/M romance Like Stars, is now out in print from Amazon and Barnes & Noble (just in time for Valentine’s Day). In order to celebrate this release, the kind folks at M/M Good Book Reviews allowed me to do a guest post at their site. The topic? My long and twisty road to finding the title for Like Stars.

I will also be giving away one copy of Like Stars (eBook or print, winner’s choice). So please join us!

The gory details:


Barnes & Noble

What the reviewers are saying:


Literary Nymphs

Hearts on Fire



Like Stars Out Now!!


Once upon a time, on a sun-drenched balcony in Nicaragua, on what for them was considered a ‘cool’ day, I decided I couldn’t dither with this book idea any longer and started to write Like Stars. I still have those first sweat-mired pages, though their scribblings little resemble the actual first chapter of the book (mostly because my handwriting, then as now, is illegible). Still, the architecture is there. A hooded man rides through the dulcet town of Haversham. Dr. Wesley Douglas thinks he’s seeing a ghost–the ghost of his long-dead lover–and is shocked to the core. The game, as they say, is afoot.

That was hardly the beginning of my journey as a writer, and the publication of the book is hardly the end, but for me, it was the moment I got serious about living my dream. It was the moment that led to today, one of the best days of my life.

Like Stars is on sale now!

Here are the buy links:

MLR Press (I will shamelessly say that I make the biggest royalty if you by it here, directly from the publisher, which offer both ePub and Kindle-friendly formats and all the necessary instructions. Just remember to scroll down the purchase page for details.)

All Romance eBooks (this has a greater variety of formats):


And if, after you read it, you felt like showing me some star love or writing a review on GoodReads, I wouldn’t complain:

I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of all my family and friends, my writing group, the amazing staff at MLR Press, especially Laura, Kris, and my editor Jen, and all of the incredibly dedicated bloggers who helped me organize the tour and were so generous with their time: JJ, Marc, Evaine, Dani, Mark, Brandilyn, and Ëresse.

What started so many years ago is now yours to enjoy. I hope you end up loving Wesley and Nathaniel as much as I do.

Much love,
Selina 😀

Like Stars Blog Tour Schedule!

Beautiful Friends,

*Deep breath.* So, we are less than a week away from the start of the Like Stars Blog Tour and two weeks away from the release of Like Stars! My 14-year-old self can’t believe I just typed those words. My XX-year-old self would like to reassure you that this is the second-to-last post about the book unless something mega happens. But if you can’t promo your book on your own blog, where can you promo it, right? Well, see below. All that to say, thank you for your patience.

But I do think that the posts I’ve written for the blog tour will be of interest to you, and I hope that you’ll learn a little more about the book, about me, and about some of the things that obsess and confound me along the way. Also, a brief programming note to say that links will be updated to the actual posts once they are on the respective web sites. So, without further ado, here is the schedule:

Nov. 7th – Joyfully Jay hosts a discussion of the Mysterious Stranger trope

Nov. 10th – I’m at Rainbow Gold Reviews asking: When is a comet not a comet? (Kind of a trick question, this)

Nov. 11th – The ladies of Coffee and Porn host an introduction to the ladies of Like Stars

-And the kind folks at Love Bytes let me talk about Inspiration

Nov. 12th – How can you miss a post entitled the Eroticism of Edwardian fashion at Sinfully Sexy Books, with visuals?

-The penultimate stop is a discussion of Perspective at Prism Book Alliance

Nov. 13th – At the lovely Eressë’s Live Journal, the tour concludes with a post about the tale of Martin Guerre on which the book is based.

A huge thank you to everyone who so generously agreed to host this tour! There will be giveaways at every single stop on the tour, so don’t miss out! 😀


Announcing: Like Stars, Historical M/M Romance Out November 14th, 2014!!

24. 1400x2100Stars Front


It is my tremendous pleasure to officially announce that one month from today, November 14th, 2014, my first novel, Like Stars, a historical erotic M/M romance, will be published by MLR Press! The cover you can check out above, the blurb and the trailer below. I am doing a Blog Tour from November 7th to the 14th, with details about posts, giveaways, and other fun stuff to follow. I hope you will all join me in celebrating the release of Like Stars!!

The blurb:

What if your true love walked back into your life five years after his death?

Nathaniel Thredgold has finally returned from the war. Or has he? His lover, Wesley Douglas, isn’t sure. Wesley must put aside his engagement, his disbelief, and his anger to give his professional opinion. The truth about their relationship isn’t an option. But is this stranger really the Ravensworth heir and Wesley’s long-lost love? When your heart’s at stake, there’s no room for doubt.

Set in the Edwardian era, Like Stars is a tale of mysterious identities, scandalous family secrets, and lovers in a dangerous time.

Many thanks to the kind folks at MLR Press for making this possible, and to Michelle Cary for the amazing cover art! It’s such a thrill to finally be able to tell you all the good news!

-Selina 😀