Author Bio

Selina Kray is the nom de plume of an author and English editor who is currently making the transition from fan-fiction to original M/M romances. Professionally, she has covered all the artsy-fartsy bases, having worked in a book store, at a cinema, in children’s television and in television distribution, up to her latest incarnation as a subtitle editor and grammar nerd (though she may have always been a grammar nerd). A self-proclaimed geek and pop culture junkie who sometimes manages to pry herself away from the review sites and gossip blogs to write fiction of her own, she is a voracious consumer of art with both a capital and a lowercase “A”. Her current obsessions include the Marvel universe, the new Marisha Pessl novel Night Film, and the Canadian TV show Orphan Black.

Having long ago realized that she was the Salieri to the lit world’s IT-girl Mozarts, she has embraced her love of erotica with intricate plots, complex characters, and lots of heart. Whether she has achieved this goal is for you, gentle readers, to decide. At present, she is hard at work on the first of what will hopefully be many novels at home in Montreal, Quebec, with her wee corgi serving as both foot-warmer and in-house critic.

For questions, complaints, problems, cheers, jeers, recs, and other private communications, please contact her at:

For inquiries about her (competitively priced!) copy-editing and proofreading rates, please contact her at:

For those wondering about the name: Selina as in Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman) and Kray as in the Krays, vicious East End of London gangsters of the 1950s.

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