In the Works…



Still mourning the untimely death of his husband, Sebastien Osaki travels to the Amalfi Coast on what would have been their tenth anniversary, hoping pasta, vino, and the Italian sun will rejuvenate his heart. His driver, Andrea, a Bernini statue in a soccer tee and board shorts, has other plans for him…

Coming Fall 2017! 


Stoker & Bash #2: The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Hiero, Tim’s and their detective crew’s adventures continue as they investigate a cult attempting to recreate the Garden of Eden and preparing to welcome a female messiah!

Coming Spring 2018!


In the Shadow of the World

Welcome to the Isle. A safe haven. A sanctuary. A forever home.

A prison that erases your mind, your sense of self, your free will.

For 25 years, NO17OR75-10 hasn’t had a thought of his own. The Isle feeds him, bathes him, controls him, rules him. Doped up on the Milk, he spends his days in the Censorship wing of the Cataloging Division, redacting books. Anything to serve the ARIA, the supercomputer that controls everyone and everything on the Isle. Then, one day… he wakes up.

Rescued by a rebel faction of fellow escapees, he is thrust into a decimated, dangerous world that doesn’t exactly welcome him with open arms. He is a Victor, a child of the creators of the Isle who they fed to their own monster. This makes him public enemy number one among the rebels. Only Thane, their gruff, aloof leader, and a few others see his potential.

There is only one way to prove himself – go back to the Isle with the rebel team and complete what amounts to a suicide mission in order to gain crucial information about the ARIA. But does he trust these rebels to keep their word? Can he convince Thane to overcome his inhibitions and take the greatest risk of all? Is there a life for him out there, in the ravaged world his ancestors fought so hard to escape from?

Unexpected things are growing in the shadow of the world.

(Work in progress)

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