Warning: Brain in Hibernation


It’s that time of the year. The holidays are (blessedly) over. The deep freeze has set in–a balmy -30C here today. All anyone wants to do is tuck up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a snuggly corgi, and a romance novel that’s equal parts smut and angst. Or maybe that’s just me.

All this to say that I know there hasn’t been much new content on the blog lately. There are both good and procrastinaty reasons for this. In the plus column, I’ve started a new book that I’m so excited about, and I want to give it my full attention for at least the first fifty pages or so, until I find my groove. On the procrastination side… Well, see the aforementioned desire to do nothing more than drink cocoa and read smut. 2014 was a relentless year for me and, no matter how I feel about the weather, 2015 came in like a lion. Lots of work (good), lots of personal challenges (that I won’t bore you with).

So for the next couple of months, I’ll aim to get a new post up once every two weeks. If you’re looking for some way to pass the time, my historical M/M novel Like Stars is still available from MLR Press and all fine eBook vendors (had to get at least one shameless plug in there!). In the meantime, enjoy these pictures I took while visiting the magnificent topiary exhibition Mosaicultures 2013 at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. They make me think of springtime, which can only be a good thing!






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